Richmond Citizens for District Elections

About District Elections

Most Richmond residents agree that Richmond needs neighborhood representation. 


We are proposing a district election initiative to be placed on the ballot in 2018.  


District elections will reduce the influence of special interests and corporate control.  It will promote fiscal stability, accountability and a better future for Richmond.  


RCDE’s proposed initiative will specify very clearly that when the initiative is passed, a nonpartisan, independent Citizens Commission will be set up to draw the district lines.


These districts will have approximately equal population and will be drawn to keep communities of interest intact.

They will be in compliance with the Voting Rights Acts, be geographically compact and contiguous.


A transparent, neutral process will be used to select commission members.


The initiative will require that the Commission, not the City, select its consultant, and that everything about the process be transparent and provide opportunity for public input.

Other Cities with District Elections

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  • Los Angeles

  • Oakland

  • Sacramento

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  • San Jose

  • San Leandro



This is a partial list. 

Richmond Citizens for District Elections

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