We have received endorsements from residents and Neighborhood Councils from all around the City!  This is a partial list, and its growing every day!  Email us to endorse us!





  • Dave Amme, El Sobrante resident

  • Steve Ongerth

  • Dorothy Gilbert

  • Paul Carman

  • Jim Hite, Santa Fe resident

  • Janie Anker, Garvin Ave resident

  • Robert Herbert, Richmond Heights resident

  • Felix Hunziker, North & East resident

  • Charles Smith, Richmond Heights resident

  • Sara Cleveland

  • Cordell Hindler

  • Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski

  • Karen & Glen Stephenson

  • Nancy Bien, Richmond Heights resident

  • Paul Carman, Annex resident

  • Audrey Comeaux, Director, West County Wastewater District

  • Phyllis Mandell, Atchison Village resident

  • Oscar Garcia, Iron Triangle resident, Police Commissioner

  • Rosa Lara Vargas, President, 23rd Street Merchants


Neighborhood Council Directors:


  • Myrtle Braxton, President, Laurel Park Neighborhood Council

  • Goretha Johnson, President, Parkchester Neighborhood Council

  • Owen Martin, President, Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council

  • Jan Mignone, President, North & East Neighborhood Council

  • Arto Rinteela, President, Fairmede-Hilltop Neighborhood Council

  • Bea Robertson, Treasurer, Panhandle Annex Neighborhood Council

  • Nina Smith, Secretary, Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council

  • Naomi Williams, President, Pullman Neighborhood Council

  • Cesar Zepeda, President, Hilltop District Neighborhood Council



Neighborhood Councils:


  • Fairmede-Hilltop Neighborhood Council

  • Hilltop District Neighborhood Council

  • May Valley Neighborhood Council

  • Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council










*Titles are for affiliation only